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Rail Systems and Switches leading you right

We have developed overhead lift systems for more than 30 years, and today we have the market's most complete assortment of ceiling rails and fasteners. The rails are available in a wide range of profile heights to meet the requirements in all environments possible. All are made of light but durable aluminium.

The overhead lifts' affect on the environment of the room can be minimized, thanks to rails and fasteners in different colours, and solutions exist which hide the entire rail in the ceiling.

Below are some examples of different solutions with Liko's rail systems.

Ceiling Rails

All of our lift rails are made of aluminium – a strong and light material which is also a wise environmental choice. Two colours are available, aluminium or white, which helps the installation to blend in with the interior.

The rails are available in five different profiles with different weight-bearing capacity. In simple terms, the distance between the fixture points decides the choice of rail profiles. Wide intervals between fixture points demand a deeper profile, while a ceiling-mounted rail with short distances between fixture points can have a lower profile. H70 is the most economical choice and has a full range of switches and curve components.

Raised Traverse Rail Carrier

Enables the traverse rail to use minimum space. Is also available in a lower version, to avoid lamp fixtures and sprinklers, etc.


Different solutions are available to easily move the lift motor between different rooms when needs change.

Charging options

Charging through the hand control

Liko offers three standard types of charging options.

  • Via the hand control, using a wall-mounted charger
  • MultiStation, charging at a specific point along the rail
  • In-rail charging, always connected to the power supply and always ready to lift. 

Read more about charging options » 

Side Rail Switch

Facilitates switching between different rail systems. Choose between manual and electrical control.


With the turntable, the overhead lift motor can choose tracks in four different directions.

Traverse Switch

Makes it possible to go from a fixed rail to a traverse system, for example, between different rooms.

Curtain System

Liko has developed several unique types of curtain systems which provide more privacy in multi-patient wards and work well together with overhead lift systems.


From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.