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Installation Alternatives For All Environments

Thanks to our many different solutions for installing an overhead lift system, no lifting need is impossible for us to solve. The most common installation is an attachment directly to the ceiling, but many other options are available, the most common of which can be found below.

Please contact us for suggestions on which solution would be best for your specific needs.

Flush against a Concrete Ceiling

If the ceiling is made of concrete or lightweight concrete, ceiling fixtures can be installed directly in the ceiling. Several different fasteners are available to make the installation as quick and smooth as possible.

A damp ceiling bracket can be used if, for instance, the vibrations in the rail risk spreading to nearby apartments.

Pendants in a Concrete Ceiling

A tidy solution is to install the rail above the false ceiling, for instance, with pendants from a concrete ceiling. Pendants can also be used if the ceiling is very high or if light fixtures are in the way of the rails.

Pendants are available in lengths of up to 1350 mm (54 in).

Wood Joist Ceiling

Wood joists are a common design form in private homes and detached houses with curb roofs. Here we suspend the rail on pendants with a threaded steel rod which is attached to the wood joist ceiling. The rail is then attached under the false ceiling.

Wall Brackets

An installation with wall brackets is an alternative in a room with concrete walls, where for some reason it is not possible to install in the ceiling. Wall brackets are also a possibility in plasterboard walls with frames.

Upright Support

Another alternative when ceiling installation is not possible is our upright support Slimline. It blends in discretely and is easy to remove the day the lift system is no longer needed.

Slimline handles surface-mounted pipes and existing skirting-boards without a problem.


A free-standing system can be an excellent alternative to a fixed overhead lift. You might want to test an overhead lift without having to make alterations in the room. It might also be the case that the lifting need is temporary or that a fixed installation is not desired for other reasons. Furthermore, a free-standing system has no structural requirements on the ceiling or walls.


Different solutions are available to easily move the lift motor between different rooms when needs change.

Curtain System

Liko has developed several unique types of curtain systems which provide more privacy in multi-patient wards and work well together with overhead lift systems.


From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.