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With the right aid, the kilos are sliding of Karin

Karin Fälldin was so overweight that the personnel at the Örnsköldsvik Hospital in Sweden did not dare to help her out of bed. The name of the solution was Viking L and with this Karin was finally able to stand up. Thanks to the Liko lift, her rehabilitation has been incredibly fast.

– It was really funny to be able to walk so well. My friends find that I walk too fast now, she laughs.

It was last autumn that Karin Fälldin started having extensive problems moving. An earlier injury to the foot meant that she had difficulties walking, but she also had a wound on her leg that did not want to heal. It became very difficult for her to climb the stairs of her apartment, not to mention walking her dog. Her body retained a lot of liquid, which contributed to her weight problems. She was approaching 200 kg (440 lbs). The day before New Year's eve, she became ill, with high fever, and was transported to the Örnsköldsvik Hospital.

– It was sheer luck that I got in, because I fell into a coma with blood poisoning, says Karin.

Hovered between life and death

She hovered between life and death for a couple of days on the ICU. When the leg sore finally started to heal, Karin still didn't have the energy to get up. The doctors noted that there was but one thing to do: Karin had to lose weight. Because when she weighed in at the hospital, the scale stopped at 198 kg (436 lbs).

– Otherwise I would have died, because my body just couldn't take it, they said.

Obviously, I had been thinking of losing weight earlier, but I had not realized how serious it was. I have always been heavy, but now I was in a more serious condition than I thought. Since Karin's body was filled with liquid, a catheter was inserted along with a diuretic. That was the starting point to the kilos' finally sliding off her. In two weeks she had lost 50 kg (110 lbs).

– I didn't believe it. It was obviously also a result of my changing my eating habits and eating more vegetables, she admits.

Time to stand up

But one problem remained. The personnel found that it was time for her to stand up, but nobody really dared to trust that she would have the strength to stand up by herself. Something that could support Karin, so that she dared to try, was really needed. Anna Stenfors, Liko's district sales representative and authorised occupational therapist, had the solution.

– Viking L has a lifting capacity of all of 250 kg (550 lbs), which was necessary in this case. Furthermore, Viking is a good aid for gait training in particular, thanks to its Arm Rest. I realized that it was urgent, because Karin had not even been allowed to sit at the edge of the bed before I got here, says Anna.

As soon as the Viking lift had been delivered, Karin could sit up. With the soft Lift Pants, she was able to get from the bed to a chair already the first day. Next it was time to test her own strength.

– I didn't know myself whether my legs would carry me, but I got up almost on my own. It was very nice, and the third time I walked without a sling, rather as with a walking aid. Since I got fairly dizzy, it was nice to have the arm rest to support me. It was a nice, secure feeling with the lift, it felt very sturdy, Karin says.

Elisabet Gustafsson is a physiotherapist at the medical ward and is fascinated by Karin's incredibly fast rehabilitation.

– We never would have dared to help her so early without the Liko lift and then it would have taken many more days. But this was the tops. It felt so much more secure for those of us who could help, both because the lift could act as a starting help and fix the raising, says Elisabet to Karin, who nods in agreement.

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