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Home Care

Home Care a reliable lift is needed

Taking care of one's close relatives is one of our most common care situations. It is often a question of people with reduced mobility who cannot move to and from the bed by themselves or perhaps need some extra help when in the toilet.

Many of our solutions have been developed precisely for these situations, and our products are easy to handle even for untrained patients.

For you who work in distribution, our products offer many advantages. One example is Liko Diagnostic System™ which always can tell how much a product is used and when it is time for the next service. Another advantage is that many of our products share components, which facilitates smooth spare part management.

Our Services

Personal support
Contact your Liko representative if you need help on projecting overhead lifts, suggestions on a suitable sling or if you want us to help you with a survey of your lifting needs. All of our sales representatives are highly experienced sales consultants who have special experience in moving and handling patients.

Safe Lifting Licence® for Personal Assistants
Our training company Liko Competence delivers a very popular course called Safe Lifting Licence®. The course is aimed at carers who face every day manual handling challenges. Contact Liko for more information.

Examples of lifting needs

There are countless home environments. However, many transfers are common, for instance the lifting needs are often the same. The most common transfer needs in home environments are

Lifts and Raising Supports

  • Overhead lifts are often the optimal solution for a long-term lifting need in the home. By using an overhead system, floor space is increased as this would normally be occupied by a mobile hoist. A traverse system (the most common overhead lift solution) enables an entire room to be covered. Smooth transfers between rooms, for example into the toilet, become possible with a room-to-room lift such as Likorall R2R or Multirall. Another advantage with Multirall is the possibility to quickly and easily move between different rail systems and, for instance, can be tranferred to another facility. Read more about our overhead lifts » 
  • If the lifting need is temporary, a free-standing solution such as FreeSpan or FreeStand can be an alternative. A free-standing overhead lift system has no structural requirements on the walls or the ceiling and can therefore be installed in the most environments. Read more about free-standing solutions »
  • For patients who can participate actively in raising, the raising lift Sabina or the raising support RollOn could be suitable choices. Both Sabina and RollOn act as a support during the raising and can later be used in transfers to/from the bed or into the toilet. Furthermore, Sabina II can be used for ordinary sitting lifts with a sling when strength runs short. Read more about raising lifts » 
  • Among our mobile lifts Uno 100/102 and Viking M are common choices for those looking for a versatile lift that can handle many different lifting situations in the most common environments. If a lack of space is evident, Viking S could be a suitable solution. For environments with narrow door openings, we offer Viking XS which is just 54 cm (21.6 in) wide and therefore can pass through most narrow passages.
  • For the active user who wants to be able to take the lift along on a trip, we have developed LikoLight – a mobile lift weighing just 23 kg (50.7 lbs) that can be divided into three parts, where no part weighs more than 10 kg (22 lbs). As accessory there are the practical LikoLight TravelBags, a bag set with wheels that make the lift easy to transport.

Lifting Accessories

We are proud about the fact that we have the world's widest range of slings and other lifting accessories. Our range gives a possibility to manange not only every day situations, but also the more complex requirements. Use our smart sling guide to find the right sling »

  • Our most popular models for sitting lifts include Liko UniversalSling and Liko OriginalSling with or without HighBack. For lifting to the toilet, Liko HygieneSling and Liko HygieneVest are popular solutions. Special slings are also available for amputees. Read more about all of our slings here »
  • Choosing the right sling bar is vital for an optimal lifting solution. For instance a wide sling bar or multipoint suspension bar can be more comfortable for pain and pressure sensitive patients.
  • For active patients and for simpler transfers, the products in our Handy series can be suitable. The family includes HandySheet and HandyTube which facilitate the application of slings or shorter transfers in bed, and HandyBelt which gives the caregivers and patients better handling optionsfor manual transfers or raising in the RollOn, for instance.

From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.