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Knowledge with a click!

Do you want to keep an eye on the latest in lifting and transferring news? In that case you are in good company, as almost all of your colleagues want that, too. In order to satisfy this need, Liko has developed an e-mail letter, the Liko Update. 
– We want to give everybody who is interested more knowledge in lifting and transferring, advise on how different aids can be used and tips on new research in the field, says Barbro Liljedahl, marketing manager at Liko.

Liko Update contains rapid news, contests, questions and answers on lifting problems, reader's tips and a little of everything else. Our hope is that there should be something for everybody. And since it is so easy to directly feedback in the form of tips and wishes, the readers can influence the contents very easily.

Liko News – our customer newspaper

In LikoNews we offer you longer articles and interviews about transfers, lifting solutions and other interesting things within the industry.

By reading LikoNews you get a bit more of the most. You can also read it here on the Liko website,

Liko Update – electronic newsletter

Our newsletter Liko Update is issued approx. every six weeks and contains rapid news from the industry, questions and answers, tips
on interesting findings and new research. You also get unique offers and an updated calendar with events close to you.

It is rapid, simple, interesting and free. Visit to subscribe today!

La prise en compte de ceux pour qui nous développons nos produits a depuis le tout début guidé nos pas. Notre concept est la manifestation de notre vision dans notre activité quotidienne: améliorer la qualité de vie des patients et des assistants partout dans le monde.