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Ever since its start in 1979, Liko has in many cases been the leader of development in the field. The unique and innovative solutions have often set a new standard for the industry. Below is a selection of our innovations.

1979: Furniture Riser Liljan
1980: Liko MasterLift (overhead lift motor), mechanical emergency lowering, aluminium rails, support-leg installation
1980: Liko OriginalSling – the world's first all-textile sling
1983: Green slings – a characteristic Liko feature
1983: LikoStretch Mod 300, Mod 1800
1984: Liko Original HighBack Sling
1984: Liko OctoStretch
1984: Safety latches on sling bars – the first manufacturer ever
1985: Liko HygieneSling
1985: Liko MasterVest
1986: Golvo, the world’s first mobile lift capable of lifting from the floor
1987: Liko AmputeeSling
1988: Liko HygieneVest
1988: Extra small – slings for small children
1990: Liko LiftPants
1991: Liko UniversalSling
1992: Uno, a mobile lift for the home
1992: Liko SilhouetteSling
1994: Likorall, innovative, battery-powered overhead lift with safety drum, Safety Squeeze Protection, etc.
1997: Sabina sit-to-stand lift
1999: Likorall 242 lift motor – 200 kg (440 lbs.)
1999: LikoLight – mobile light-weight lift with matching bags
2000: Multirall lift motor, easy to move between different rail systems
2001: FreeSpan – freestanding lift system
2001: Sabina II sit-to-stand lift
2002: Ultra – System for lifting up to 400 kg (880 lbs) now 500 kg (1,100 lbs)
2002: Viking 300 – mobile lift for 300 kg (660 lbs.)
2002: Solo disposable sling, for short-term use in infectious environments
2003: FreeSpan Traverse – free-standing traverse system
2004: Viking - the new generation of mobile lifts
2005: Likorall 250 = 250 kg (550 lbs) with an overhead lift
2005: The repositioning sheet RepoSheet™
2006: RollOn – a unique raising aid
2006: FreeStand – freestanding lift system
2007: Solo SupportVest
2008: Solo RepoLakan™
2008: Liko Diagnostic System™ – intelligent electronics box
2008: HandySheet™ and HandyTube™, products with registered design for easier transfers in bed and application of slings.

Every year our product portfolio is extended with many new innovations; visit our website to take part in the latest!

La prise en compte de ceux pour qui nous développons nos produits a depuis le tout début guidé nos pas. Notre concept est la manifestation de notre vision dans notre activité quotidienne: améliorer la qualité de vie des patients et des assistants partout dans le monde.