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From idea to finished product

Everything starts with the discovery of a need. Sometimes we ourselves see a need that nobody has seen before. At other times the signal comes from our users. Irrespective of where the thought is born, we are always eager to do a thorough job to develop the best solution.

Initially a group of experts gathers to examine the need. At this stage we visit hospitals, nursing homes and other care settings which experience this need. A thorough evaluation of current working methods and their advantages and disadvantages is performed.

A creative but thorough work

When we have created a good understanding of the need, work starts on finding the best possible solution regarding functionality, safety and efficiency. Different ideas and thoughts are tested in the development group.

Finally, when we have come so far that we have a first prototype, extensive internal testing starts. Here the product is often changed on many points in order to even better solve our customers' needs.

Tests under real conditions

But in order really to get a confirmation that our solution fits the needs of our users, it is time for a validation. A number of prototypes are placed at customers with whom we are in close collaboration. They get to test the product for a certain period and then revert with their points of view.

A new innovative product reaches out to the entire world

After having performed any modifications based on these tests, the product is ready for production. From the point when a need is discovered, perhaps at a nursing home or hospital close to you, the whole world now has the possibility to use the solution in order to perform safe lifting and transferring of disabled people.

Safe development and safe products

Liko Research & Development is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and, perhaps the most important, in accordance with ISO 13485. ISO 13485 is a standard for medical device companies. This means that our development process is well documented and follows a pattern which should guarantee that all aspects of the product development have been observed.

In addition, all of our products are tested and accredited by independent testing institutes and comply with the requirements of ISO 10535 (international standard for patient lifts and slings) and other governing frameworks.

La prise en compte de ceux pour qui nous développons nos produits a depuis le tout début guidé nos pas. Notre concept est la manifestation de notre vision dans notre activité quotidienne: améliorer la qualité de vie des patients et des assistants partout dans le monde.