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Success for Liko Competence training trial

Training programmes and seminars have proven to be a very effective way of increasing awareness and spreading knowledge of how to work safely with patient transfers in the care sector. With this in mind, Liko, with the help of Liko Competence, decided to run a trial session with a view to rolling out a full programme.

The participants, from occupational therapy and manual handling backgrounds were taken through a three day training course. During the event, they were shown principles of best practice and were also given the opportunity to use the products themselves.

‘The training was evidence based as well as general application. It was fantastic to get tips on ensuring that good manual handling principles of back care are delivered right across the board, instead of just promoting their own products.’ Anni Beveridge (Physiotherapist/ Manual Handler Advisor and Trainer).

In 2007, Liko’s training company - ‘Liko Competence’ started as a much appreciated training operation in Sweden, with the popular Safe Lifting Licence Instructor courses constituting the core of the training programme. All training programmes arranged by Liko Competence are evidence based, founded on the results of modern research. ‘You can tell that Liko trainers are passionate about the things we do and when you see a company that supports that and gives us the opportunity to play with and examine the equipment, it’s great.’ commented Mary Chapman (Health & Safety/manual handler).

Through a mixture of theory and practical sessions, participants were put in groups and later took part in presentations to demonstrate the areas they have learned.

Participants at the training saw it as a brilliant way to get together with people working in similar roles from different NHS trusts. Linda Froud, an Ergonomic Back Care Advisor, described it as a ‘great opportunity to network and meet people in the workplace to
discuss issues and problems and look at new ideas and solutions.’

The training culminated in a 45 minute written exam. The course was deemed a success with an overall positive feeling from all participants. ‘You do not have the same calibre of teaching from other companies and just get shown the basics of how to use products but no general knowledge.’ commented Julia Leigh (Specialist OT)

As far as the products go Liko was described as a very reliable company who produces great quality products. ‘Other equipment can be quite noisy but with Liko, a couple of times we have pressed the button and it is so quiet you do not know whether it is working!’ described Mary Chapman.

Liko staff were also praised, with participants from the South West region describing their local sales representative Simon Smith as their "secret weapon." Julie Leigh (specialist OT) stated ‘He is a trained back care advisor and OT and so he is one of us. Simon is never too busy to help and will always come and demonstrate if need be. He’s fantastic. He works with you to achieve what you need.’

About Liko Competence

Liko Competence arranges training courses and seminars related to patient moving & handling around the world. One of the most popular training courses is the "Safe Lifting License" course which includes a certification. Visit or contact your local Liko representative for more information.

Desde nuestros comienzos, nuestro objetivo principal ha sido siempre pensar en las personas para las que desarrollamos nuestros productos . Nuestro concepto refleja nuestra visión de las actividades cotidianas: mejorar siempre la calidad de vida de los pacientes y del personal asistencial.