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Liko helps reduce man hours and costs at the Christie NHS trust

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Greater Manchester, one of Europe’s leading cancer centres, has been using Likorall gantry system, Solo slings and UltraStretch in its mortuary for over three years.

When the extension to The Christie, which would house the mortuary was being built, Andrew Pearson, Bereavement Services Manager, was instrumental in the decision making process. "No one could match Liko when it came to the equipment specifications, quality, performance, maintenance, after sales support and budget – all of which are vital elements" explained Andrew.

The Likorall UltraTwin system has not only eliminated any manual handling within the mortuary, but has also greatly reduced the number of man hours involved in dealing with each body. For example, moving an average sized body would take two people at least 20 minutes.

With the Liko system the procedure only requires one person and takes between five and ten minutes. Although no two days are the same, Andrew and his team can now cope with over 15 bodies a day – the largest so far being a 54 stone (345 kg) corpse which was lifted with ease.

The maximum lift limit for the system is an impressive 64 stone (400 kg).

As the Liko system is so versatile it is not unusual for bariatric bodies to be sent from surrounding hospitals in Liverpool, Bolton and Wigan to name but three. 
"To be able to handle this level of work, we are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and being a 24/7 unit has ensured the system has without doubt more than paid for itself" continued Andrew.

As the system is typically secured to fixings above a suspended ceiling, many new build hospitals are choosing to cost its installation into the initial building plans as it is more cost effective to install at this time.

Complimenting the gantry system are the Liko Solo disposable lift sheets. Katy Little, Senior Bereavement Technician at The Christie, explained: "When we receive a deceased bariatric person we place a Solo sheet underneath them. Then, when the funeral director arrives we hook both systems to the UltraStretch and lift the deceased respectfully into the coffin".

From a budgeting view point the disposable Solo sheets makes good business sense as the expense of using a laundry company is eliminated.

Andrew explained In addition to its superb products, Liko also offers an unrivalled level of after care service. "Should we have a query, we know that if one of us speaks to our Liko area representative, Geoff Evans, he will come back with an answer or else be on site as soon as is physically possible. However, this has rarely been the case as so far we have not been able to fault the product."

Furthermore, as hospital requirements change and develop, they are able to add to the Liko system. 
"You just need to build up a good relationship with your area representative and they will be able to assess what is required to meet your needs" explained Andrew.

About Christie NHs foundation trust

  • The Christie NHS Foundation Trust is one of Europe’s leading cancer centres, located in Manchester, UK.
  • The Christie was originally founded in 1901 
  • Covers a population of 3.2 million people
  • Treat about 40,000 patients each year 
  • In total, more than 2000 staff and over 300 
    volunteers work at the Christie

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