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LikoStretch 600 IC
For Extra-Demanding Situations

LikoStretch 600 IC is used in the most serious cases with burnt or back-injured patients who cannot be turned to the side or need to be lifted completely horizontally.

LikoStretch 600 IC is available in two different designs:

  • Standard, 70 cm (28 in) width
  • Wide, 80 cm (32 in) width

Lift straps are most often used and are easily inserted under the patient with a flexible spatula, avoiding the need to turn the patient. This minimizes contact with the patient's skin, and the patient is lifted in unchanged body position.

The number of lift straps needed is determined from case to case, but usually 6-8 straps are used. The straps can be applied at optional places under the patient's body, thereby avoiding painful areas and wounds.

Another option is to lift with a full sheet – LikoStretch 1800. The patient is then usually turned to the side for the application, or HandySheet can be used to facilitate the application. The fabric in LikoStretch 1800 (reinforced fabric) makes the stretcher ideal for bath/shower situations and easy to clean.

LikoStretch 600 IC can be used with all overhead lifts in Liko's range and also with the mobile lifts Golvo and Viking L/XL. For lifting with Golvo, a Mast Attachment is available as an accessory for extra stability. Read more on the Golvo product page.

The stretcher can be installed with a fixed connection (screw and nut) or with Liko Quick-Release Hook System. The latter requires the lift to be equipped with the Q-link fastener or the Quick-release Hook Adapter.

Max. Load: 200-250 kg (440-550 lbs).


From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.