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Possibilities with an Overhead Lift
Filling Several Needs

An overhead lift can fill many different needs, and there are numerous ways to adapt an overhead lift system to the unique needs of the organization. Here we present some of the most common.

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Lifting Between Two Places (fixed rail)

Lyft mellan två platser (fast skena)A fixed rail is excellent when you want to lift between two fixed points, for example, from a bed to a wheelchair. The rail can be straight or curved, and is often installed with unobtrusive support legs which are attached to the wall. However, a rail curve always requires a ceiling installation.
A fixed rail is a simple, efficient and economical choice.

Traverse System

Traverssystemet ger dig valfrihetA traverse system consists of a movable rail mounted on two fixed rails. It is often the best functional solution, since it provides greater freedom of lift and movement.
The traverse rails can be connected with switches, in order to enable transfers between different rooms. Another important advantage is that a traverse system automatically centers itself to the patient when lifting.

The traverse system is the most common choice among nursing staff.


Different solutions are available to easily move the lift motor between different rooms when needs change.

Charging options

Charging Through the hand control, using a wall mounted charger


Liko offers three standard types of charging options.

  • Via the hand control, using a wall-mounted charger
  • MultiStation, charging at a specific point along the rail
  • In-rail charging, always connected to the power supply and always ready to lift. 

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Free-Standing System

Gör taklyften mobil med ett fristående systemA free-standing system can be an excellent alternative to a fixed overhead lift. You might want to test an overhead lift without having to make alterations in the room. It might also be the case that the lifting need is temporary or that a fixed installation is not desired for other reasons. Furthermore, a free-standing system has no structural requirements on the ceiling or walls.

Liko has many different free-standing solutions which provide practically the same flexibility as a fixed installation, even for very heavy lifting. Thanks to its wheels, FreeSpan Straight Rail is also easy to move between different rooms/bays or adjust to the correct position.

Overhead Lift from Room to Room

Taklyft från rum till rumLiko has always been the pioneer in room-to-room solutions. Here many factors should be considered, safety being the most important, but such points as the aesthetics of the room are also significant. Liko has solutions making the transfer smooth without alterations to the frame.

With Likorall R2R, two motors are connected in the door opening, and thus the patient is moved smoothly and safely. Multirall provides for the same manoeuvre with just one lift motor and a Room-to-Room Strap

Curtain System

Liko has developed several unique types of curtain systems which provide more privacy in multi-patient wards and work well together with overhead lift systems.

From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.